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Cameraman Got More That He Expected

Photographs are the way of preserving memories and especially in the modern era when clicking a photo is just a matter of a click, we see every other person taking photographs in almost every other corner. Some take pictures to preserve moments while other would click a picture when they find something different. And there are times when the photographer unexpectedly captures more than what they expected to capture in their photograph which is most of the times hilarious. It is either the timing of the photo or the angle at which the picture is clicked that gives it a whole new meaning. Want to have a look at some of these pictures? Keep reading!

The girls in the photo below were probably having a girls only outing and just like any other such get-together; they apparently decided to get a picture of the group clicked so that they can cherish the memory later. All of them lined up and posed while somebody was taking a photograph. And just when the photo was being taken, the old man popped up from somewhere and made the same pose like all the ladies in the picture. What could have been an ordinary group photo is now a hilarious memory?

Hilarious photobomb

Beaches are usually associated with romance, and couples love hanging out on beaches while holding hands because the idea of it is just beautiful. And now that all of us have cameras in our phones so these couples love getting pictures of them taken so that they can preserve the time that they spent together. The couple in the picture below probably thought the same, and so they asked someone to take a photo of them while they posed, but then this dog came out from somewhere and started peeing right at the back of the guy. We aren’t sure if we should laugh or feel sorry for the ruined picture.

Accurately timed photo

The sight of the photograph below will make you think that what is the girl in the picture even trying to do? I mean, who would lick a mirror? She looks a bit desperate! We are assuming that while pulling the stunt, she was going wild with her imagination and she didn’t even realize when someone took a photograph of hers. The photographer was probably trying to capture a weird lady, but he ended up capturing more than he expected.

Cameraman Got More That He Expected

Until today, we used to think that only men like to check women out but it is only today that we have found out that all males are alike, whether it be a man or a monkey. Just have a look at the monkey in the photographer below, he is so curious about what is underneath the lady’s skirt, and his facial expressions are incredibly funny. Mr.Monkey is entirely focused on his mission of having a peek at what is underneath the skirt! But hats off to the person behind the camera, who noticed it and took the photo at an accurate moment.

Perfectky timed photo

Now that is what we call a fantastic shot! The lady with the beautiful body decided to take a sun bath, and so did the fat man behind her. And while sunbathing, she fell asleep which was probably because of the soothing sun rays, but the man behind her kept checking her out, and he was so attracted to her that he even started doing what you can see in the photograph below. Or maybe, he didn’t even notice the lady, and it is just the angle of the picture that makes us think like that. After all, photographs can be deceiving!

Cameraman Got More That He Expected

If we had to choose one picture out of all these that truly shows the skill of a cameraman, then it has to be this one. The woman in the photo isn’t even doing anything, yet it looks like she is responsible for the look of pleasure that the man has on his face while his eyes are closed. But, guess what? The man is sleeping with his mouth open, and the lady is just sitting beside the table. It is the angle of the photo that gives you the wrong impression.

 Accurately timed

Wait, what did we just see? The man has his head inside the dog’s bottom! But how is that even possible? I mean it is impossible but the how did the man in the photo do it? Well, that is what we call photography skills or maybe a co-incidence. The man’s head is not inside the dog’s bottom but on the side, and it is the way that the photo is taken which makes it look like that. This photographer knows the art of depicting the impossible as possible, and we appreciate him for his skills because very few people have that talent.

Perfectly timed photo

Until today, we never knew that monkeys were so much into women! The lady probably visited a wildlife park, and the monkeys are all over her. It seems like they are hitting on her and just because they are cute animals, the innocent woman is unaware of their intentions. This photo gives us the message that all males are the same, whether it be men or monkeys! While one of them is having an exquisite view from her shoulders, the other is daring enough to touch her where he shouldn’t be. It looks like that monkeys have no concept of personal space!

Cameraman Got More That He Expected
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