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20 Instances When Real Humans Miraculously Saved Animals

Most of the time, we claim to be animal lovers, but how many of us are willing to risk our lives to rescue the life of an animal. Most importantly, if that animal is not ours or is a stray animal. Here are 20 such instances that make humanity proud

1.Chris P. Bacon, a tiny piglet born with numb back legs. A veterinarian made a snazzy wheelchair from K’Nex!


This black bear weighing 400 lbs panicked due to a tranquilizer dart and ran into the waters. Thanks to Biologist Adam Warwick, the bear was rescued and sent back safely to the Osceola National Forest in Florida


Back in World War II, Soldiers found a baby goat in the debris and nursed it


This tiny, scared elephant went through his medical check-up thanks to these caring hands


This baby lamb was saved by these Norwegian boys from a raging river


This bird overwhelmed from heat fell from the tree. A woman helped in reviving by giving a nice cool-bath


This terrified fox was rescued by two men from a dangerous raging flood


This woman loves dogs to such extent that she feeds dozens of stray dogs daily


This young boy put his life at risk to save a small deer from the floods in Bangladesh


Chinese scientists wear “Panda Costumes” to take care of young pandas assisting them to better assimilate to the wild


In the monsoon season, this little Filipino boy carries his pet dog on his shoulders


To keep her pet puppy safe, this woman went through flooded waters


Two boys teamed-up to rescue a puppy from a flood drain reservoir


After a large bushfire was put down in Australia, a firefighter gave a parched koala some water


The professional MMA fighter, Cathal Pendred, gave a tweeter photo of him saving a baby dolphin that went into deeper waters


An officer on duty made sure this mother duck and her ducklings crossed the road safely


During the floods in Ipswich, Australia, a baby kangaroo was saved


During a tsunami, a helpless porpoise got washed-up into the rice field; hence, Ryo Taria took it back safely where it belonged


After a serious arm injury, this tiny howler monkey was nurtured back to health


In India, this man helped a mother cat move her kittens safely during a flood

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